Shared Reading


An offer of the Literaturhaus Frankfurt am Main

SHARED READING is a slightly different way to read together and rests on the simple but powerful idea of letting words have an effect on you. Literature is read aloud, as a sensory experience in a protected space – across all cultural, social and age boundaries. In world literature we encounter ourselves and others – and find that it does us good and enriches us.

Once a week, around 10 participants meet to read aloud together and discuss what they have read. A trained reading leader selects new texts for each meeting. The reading leader encourages, asks questions, and guides the conversation about what has been heard and read. Everyone can say what they think and feel. Or remain silent and simply listen.

The participants encounter one another with respect and interest; they think more positively and are more balanced. Prior knowledge is not required. We all have enough knowledge through our own experience.
SHARED READING is free of charge for all.


The CHAJA Foundation aims to provide access to and engagement with literature for everyone. In the process, the development of health is strengthened by reading itself but also by the social togetherness in the groups.

Further information can be found at Literaturhaus Frankfurt.

Picture © Hannes Windrath