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What is health?

We, the CHAJA Foundation, take a holistic view of health. Our body, our feelings, our mind, and our soul cannot be considered separately. Health is not a state but a dynamic process. Machteld Huber describes health in this sense as the ability to adapt to social, physical and emotional challenges and to overcome them in self-organization. This ability is rooted in knowledge, self-efficacy and meaning in life – in which we as a foundation are particularly interested.

Accordingly, we are guided by the belief that living things arise from living things. We humans need an environment with living earth, with all the diversity of microorganisms, in us and around us. We need good nutrition and a world in which our mind and senses are connected with the soil, the water and the air, with the animals and plants. The same is true of us as social beings: We need a nurturing environment in family and society, both providing security and community and protecting and cherishing individuality and freedom. Such an environment allows and demands challenges and lets us find a good balance and an individual path with our own experiences – as infants, children, adolescents, adults and into old age.

With the goal of strengthening and preserving the creative potential of people across disciplines, the CHAJA Foundation supports therapists, medical professionals, organizations and initiatives in the fields of medicine, psychology, culture, history, education and society.

Beyond supporting individual projects, the CHAJA Foundation also engages in an international professional exchange of ideas and supports networks of committed people. We seek to share knowledge about how to foster health and advance this knowledge to the benefit of a healthier society.

If you too are committed in these areas, we encourage you to reach out. We look forward to hearing from you.



Screen-free ’til 3

The intervention study “Screen-free ’til 3” (Bildschrimfrei bis 3, BB3) launched successfully. With a total of 2 581 starter kits mailed to participating pediatricians and medical practices as of the end of May 2022.

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TRAUMaMAN Men’s counseling at the Trauma Help Centre Munich Over 80 percent of the victims of domestic violence are women. But there are also men

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Shared Reading

SHARED READING An offer of the Literaturhaus Frankfurt am Main SHARED READING is a slightly different way to read together and rests on the simple

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