Screen-free ’til 3

The intervention study “Screen-free ’til 3” (Bildschrimfrei bis 3, BB3) launched successfully. With a total of 2 581 starter kits mailed to participating pediatricians and medical practices as of the end of May 2022.

Why “Screen-free until 3”?

An intervention study by the University of Witten/Herdecke and BVKJ Service GmbH.

Experts agree that, on average, young children spend too much time with digital screen media. Among us adults, too, the amount of time spent on digital communication, movies and computer games is also increasing. This has downsides, especially for children. The excessive use of screen media by parents and children can have numerous health effects. Meanwhile, largely avoiding screen media for the first 3 years of life is associated with a wide variety of positive effects in a number of developmental areas such as fine motor skills, attention and social behavior.


On the one hand, the study aims to raise the participating parents’ awareness of the use and dangers of screen media.
On the other hand, the accompanying study is meant to show what effects this additional awareness can have on media behavior and what conclusions can be drawn regarding child development.


This is a Germany-wide, randomized study of the effectiveness of a screen media use intervention as part of routine care in the pediatrician’s office (preventive check-up). The target group is all children born in 2022 who are cared for in one of the participating practices.

In addition to providing tips and information for parents, the pediatrician’s office will ask parents to participate in the associated survey as part of the regular preventive check-ups.

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