SAFE® Safe education for parents

Updated and illustrated edition of the book "SAFE® - Safe Education for Parents" by Karl-Heinz Brisch has been published.


„Attachment is an invisible, emotional bond that connects two people very specifically across space and time“, describes the British attachment researcher John Bowlby.

Bindung - Entbindung

The book „SAFE® – Safe education for parents“ offers valuable insights and answers to the most pressing questions: How do I become a good mother or father? How does my child develop a reliableattachment so that it feels secure and safe? Do parents always have to be there? What to do if the parents have other needs than the baby? How does pampering come about? What boundaries does my baby need? How do I help my baby if she/he cries a lot, is very difficult to feed cannot fall asleep? How do I react to his tantrums? 

Bindung lernen

The book provides answers to these questions and accompanies parents from pregnancy up to the first years of their child’s life. It helps to promote a self-confident, resilient and socially competent development of children.

The chapter Parents, babies, smartphones and other media – a special „relationship“ draws attention to the dangers of using smartphones and tablets on the emotional and secure binding development of infants and toddlers. Reference is also made here to the project „Screen-free until 3“ – BB3, a project that the CHAJA Foundation also supports.


The bond between child and parent is very important for the child’s self-confident, resilient and socially competent development. Much of the relevant information in the book is also illustrated with pictures. Our aim is to use these loving and memorable illustrations to give all (expectant) parents a low-threshold and light-hearted approach to the topics of parenting, education and secure attachment. The author’s easy and catchy writing style also contributes to this.